Online only… and clean dishes.

One of the (green) problems with ordering online is that your goods invariably come swathed in packaging, some of which is usually single use plastic. There is only so much that you can re-use yourself and plastic tape around the box is not re-usable. However, some goods are only available to me online. For example washing up liquid in a 5 litre bottle (surely less plastic than 5 x 1 litre bottles) and these cellulose sponges which are the best substitute I can find for plastic sponges. Ordered from BioNaturWelt who appear to have used re-used packaging but even so, I’ll try and make this batch last…



No plastic here!

I bought new, organic cotton bedding from and was very pleased to see their packaging that has no plastic: our cardboard box, sealed with paper parcel tape has already gone for recycling! Here you can see that the sheets came in cloth bags, which will be great for veggies when shopping, or shoes when travelling. The sticky barcode label is plastic-y, but it’s a lot better than most companies manage.

2016-07-11 13.47.24