Bringing the outside in

I love picking flowers from our garden: no plastic packaging involved! Here are a couple of recent arrangements…

a posy made of a maroon-red rose, honeysuckle, heliopsis, bryony and some green leaves in a small base

large arrangment of goldenrod, dogwood for greenery, yellow heliopsis, blue campanula and two pinkish stems of the obedient plant!


Homemade crunchy plum crumble

plums on a little plum tree

We grew the plums, we picked, washed and de-stoned them.

I laid the plum halves on the dish, skin side down and sprinkled them with sugar. Then I made a topping out of:

85g plain flour

80g butter

– mixed into crumbs

4 tablespoons brown (muscovado) sugar

1 small handful medium ground semolina

– stirred into the mix

And I baked the whole lot at 190 degrees Celsius for 15 mins: lovely crunchy crumble!

half a plum crumble left in the baking dish
It disappeared too quickly for me to get a photo!



Blogs to read for tips on green living

Some interesting blogs I’ve come across, on the theme of reducing waste:

In German:

In English:

I’m sure that there are many, many more, but these ones appeal to me in particular!