Mission mitten!

One of my hobbies is knitting. I’ve always loved crafts, and I began knitting as an adult when I found that my fingers were cold at work. I wanted a pair of fingerless mittens, but I despaired at the made-in-a-sweatshop things on offer in the shops, which I knew had no real warmth in them. So I embarked upon knitting in the round for the first time. For extra ethical kudos, I bought some undyed wool and I produced these:

hand knitted, hand embroidered mittens, lying on grass. Embroidery is of a butterfly.
fingerless mitts

Well, technically these were my second pair for a friend. And knitters amongst you will spot the flaw: my 2×2 rib was not properly calculated for knitting in the round, and I have 4 purl stitches in a row. Never mind, I just embroidered over that! I added a little colour at the top in stockinette, too, but I don’t recommend that embellishment if you want the mittens for typing at work: the curled over edges get in the way! You can find a great pattern for similar mittens on Knitty.com. I went on to knit tens of pairs of mittens, for all my friends. Probably my favourite pattern is also from Knitty.com, called “Fetching“: these have a little tube for your thumb, as well as a classy cable design. I went on to improvise some for myself, which are knit “upside down”, from the fingers up the arms, so that I could increase as necessary for the width of my arm, and make them long enough to compensate for a 3/4 sleeve jacket, on a cold day:

blue wrist/arm warmer, with a single wide plaited cable across the top.
arm warmer!

I blogged before about my handmade socks: I graduated into knitting these, because there are only so many fingerless mittens that I can wear, gift or indeed, bear to knit!


Use it all up!

I’m fond of making things myself: this way, I know that the worker lives in good conditions 😉 Also, I try to make sure that no materials go to waste. Here is a pair of my socks in construction.

2016-07-11 09.47.10
robbing peter to pay paul!

and here are my socks keeping my toes toasty!

hand knit socks on feet
Nearly even!